2 Weeks – I Lost 8 Pounds and Over 2% Body Fat

Things are looking good. I have a feeling that the overall tone of this website is going to change … I’m getting a bit optimistic now.

That said, I do expect things to slow down quite a bit.

I went from 181 pounds to 173 pounds in TWO WEEKS.

That’s awesome in my book.

What is even better than that is that my scale, although most-likely somewhat inaccurate, is telling me that I’ve lost over 2% body fat in those two weeks … very, very cool. In reality, I can’t imagine my body keeping up with this pace … and that’s fine; it was a GREAT start.

Visual Impact Cardio Results

Left: 1/11/2012 — Right: 1/25/2012

Now I weigh 173 lbs and am 11% body fat. In two weeks I lost 8 pounds and 2.5% body fat.

The day before I started I weighed 181 lbs and was 13.5% body fat. You can read more about the start of my quest to see if Visual Impact Cardio works here.

As you can see from the pictures I have made some good progress. Some of the benefits from dropping my fat, beside the fact that I can actually get my abs to show, is that the shape of my body is looking much better.

In addition to this, I’m losing that round and puffy look and I’m getting a more angular look. My shoulders seem to pop a bit more now. Plus, I didn’t realize until comparing my photos, but I had a little man-boobiage going on. That is thankfully going away and my pecs are starting to look more square.

After 2 more weeks I will take a shot of me flexing to see how my shoulders and arms are holding up. These shots will go on my results page.

Again, here is a screen shot of the photo that I took from my iMac on January 25, 2012.

2 Weeks on Visual Impact Cardio

After 2 Weeks on Visual Impact Cardio – January 25, 2012

Stay tuned as I continue to update this site. I will most-likely put my results up here in another 2 or 3 weeks, we’ll see.

Side note: It kind of sucks right now because I JUST came down with a cold today so who knows what my training is going to look like. Fortunately, I’ve read that as long as your cold doesn’t move into your chest it is okay to continue training.