4 Weeks – I Lost 13 Pounds and 3.5% Body Fat

After 1 month of following Visual Impact Cardio I have made some GREAT progress.

When I started this review I weighed 181 pounds and measured 13.5% body fat. After only four weeks I’ve dropped 13 pounds.

Although I wasn’t “fit” by any means, I really wasn’t THAT bad. I think if I had more to lose I would have lost even more weight by now.

1 Month

Left: 1/11/2012 — Right: 2/08/2012

To me, what is even more important is that I’ve lost over 3.5% body fat in these four weeks.

My scale measured 9.7% last night and by the looks of my pictures, I’d say it’s somewhat close. Realistically I’m probably a little higher, so I’m calling it 10%, but in the end it does look like I’ve dropped 3.5% body fat since the start.

This means that I am losing ALL fat now … no muscle loss that I can see, and no more water weight. Compare my biceps, triceps, shoulders and lats on my results page and you can see that my muscles aren’t getting smaller even though I am. I am very pleased about that.

As I said 2 weeks ago, I did expect my results to slow down a bit. During the first 2 weeks I dropped 8 pounds and 2% body fat. If I was to keep pace with that I would have to be down 16 pounds and 4% body fat.

The good news is that I AM down almost that much fat … 3.5% since the start — VERY COOL! Obviously, being 16 pounds less FOR ME would be a bit much after 4 weeks. After these past two weeks I have dropped and additional 5 pounds though.

This brings my total loss to 13 pounds and 3.5% body fat in 4 weeks.

Here is the screen shot of the photo that I took from my iMac on February 8, 2012.

1 Month After Visual Impact Vardio

After 1 Month on Visual Impact Cardio – February 8, 2012