8 Weeks – I Lost 19 Pounds and 6.2% Body Fat

Well, I did it. I followed the program for a full 8 weeks and documented all of my results.

Now, if you are anything like me, you are currently asking yourself if these results are REAL … they are real. I completely understand if you think they are exaggerated, but they’re not.

Here’s the latest picture … I’m a little more tan now! Yes, this makes me look better but come on, I was pretty dang WHITE 🙁

8 Weeks on Visual Impact Cardio

Left: 1/11/2012 — Right: 3/7/2012

Also, there are some more before and after pictures on my results page.

This makes my total losses while following the program 19 pounds and 6.2% body fat.

Two weeks ago I weighed in at 165 pounds and this week the scale read 162 pounds.

What is even more impressive than that is the amount of body fat that I have lost. When I weighed 165 pounds I was at 9% body fat. Now I am at 7.3% body fat. That means that these last three pounds have been 100% body fat … no water, no muscle, PURE FAT.

  • 165 x 9% = 14.85 pounds of fat
  • 162 x 7.3% = 11.826 pounds of fat

14.85 – 11.826 = 3.024 pounds of fat

At first I really wasn’t sure of how much of a transformation I could pull off in 8 weeks. Now that I’ve gone through the entire program, I am a firm believer in it and the teachings behind it.

Feel free to checkout the summary page to learn more about the course.

Here is the screen shot of the photo that I took from my iMac on March 7, 2012.

8 Weeks - Screenshot With Date

After 8 Weeks on Visual Impact Cardio – March 7, 2012