About This Review & Me

Hello and welcome to my review. I put this site together in hopes to provide you with the most in-depth and conclusive review of the program on the net. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a “review” of a program that didn’t even begin to review the actual program.

A Little About Me

My name is Kevin. I’m an average guy. Wife, kids, work all day at a desk job and don’t get to move around much. I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to the day to when my youngest daughter is old enough to sleep through the night … yes, I’m in the sleepless night stage 🙁

Anyway … I have been reading and following Rusty Moore’s blog, Fitness Black Book, for a few years now. After he launched Visual Impact Muscle Building I started following his blog even more so.

When I first learned about Visual Impact Cardio I was pumped. I REALLY wanted to design the new book. Not because the other two don’t look good, they do … they look GREAT.

Guess what … he actually hired ME to design it!

I hope my design goes over well now, no pressure, huh! It’s just fun when you can work on a project that you are really into.

Anyway … That’s how I came to know about Visual Impact Cardio. Since I’ve been working on the book, coming up with misc. graphics, etc., I’ve had the distinct opportunity to get a sneak peek before anyone else 🙂

… that alone makes the job worth it because I get to be the guinea pig official beta tester — sounds cooler that way.

A Little About This Site

So as I’ve said, I want this site to be a REAL review. And what better way to review a product than to give it shot, right?

I’ve decided to put myself on the line and post stats and pictures as I go … something I’m really not too fond of doing but I think that this  will make my review even more honest and real. I just began the program and posted my starting weight. Feel free to follow along as I go.

Once I’ve followed Visual Impact Cardio long enough I will deliver my official review, but in reality, this whole site is my ongoing  review.

If you need to contact me for any reason you can do so through the form on the contact page. If you have a question that relates to one of the posts please just post it as a comment. Also, make sure to read my disclosure before going any further.

A Few of MY Rules To The Trial

I am NOT going to take ANY weight loss or metabolism boosting supplements. I WILL drink caffeine prior to a workout and I do take an Omega 3 pill on occasion, but that’s it … I want this to test Visual Impact Cardio … not a combination of OTHER fat loss approaches.

My diet will be good. You can’t expect to lose fat if you don’t eat right. Nothing crazy by any means and I am even tracking all I eat in the members area. I’m going to focus on eating smart while keeping my calories limited. I will still eat nachos, pizza, burgers etc. I just won’t go overboard and pig out everyday.