Benefits of Low Carb Diet Plans

A low carb diet is a nutrition plan with a limited amount of carbohydrates. This form of a diet is mostly taken by persons watching their weight. The reason why a low carb diet helps maintain body mass is because, when carbohydrates are digested and absorbed into the body, those in excess are converted to fats, which are then stored under the skin and in body muscles. This then leads to obesity or increase in body mass. To facilitate energy production and cell growth, protein rich foods such as low fat milk, fish, red meat as well as green leafy vegetables are served instead. Aside from losing weight, a low carb diet has many benefits as discussed below.

When we take a low carb diet, only the required amount of blood sugar is absorbed into the body cells. Under normal circumstances, when one takes foods rich in carbs, the body digests and absorbs excess blood sugar, which is then regulated by insulin production to counter the effect. If the glucose is in excess, the body also triggers another action by producing chemicals that transform the blood sugar into fats, which are then stored in the body, thus increase in mass.

“The fatty acids are then absorbed from the blood into fat cells, muscle cells and liver cells. In these cells, under stimulation by insulin, fatty acids are made into fat molecules and stored as fat droplets.”

Taking foods with a low carb level hinders the body from converting glucose into fats, thus no weight gain is recorded. In addition to this, when no fats are stored in blood vessels, tissues and under the skin, then the risk of contracting blood and heart related diseases is reduced. This then means that one will lead a healthier life thanks to foods with low carbs.

People who use a low carb diet have reported higher cases of increased energy and their minds tend to be on the higher alert. The increase in energy feeling can be related to the body converting all the available blood glucose into energy. This is mainly because the blood sugar levels are on the right amounts, meaning the body does not produce chemicals to convert glucose into fats. The other reason and benefit why an increase in mental concentration with persons who take diets with low amounts of carbohydrate, could be due to sufficient supply of proteins to brain cells. For a brain to function properly, only the required amounts of glucose and proteins is required. Any excess supply of glucose leads to ‘brain fog’, which then leads to reduced concentration and tiredness.

Weight loss due to intake of low carb diets also triggers improved moods. Most of the obese persons in our society today lack self-esteem, thus lead a disturbed life. Nevertheless, abstaining from carbohydrate intake helps raise their moods and self-esteem, thus becoming better persons in life and society. With high levels of self-esteem and motivation, obese persons can socialize with any person in the society and participate in various activities because the body feels energized.

A low carb diet does not necessarily entail refraining from cereals and other foods rich in carbohydrates. Reducing intake of the same can also help one loose a few pounds and maintain a great figure. Since these low carb diets are rich in vegetables and fruits, one’s skin appearance and feel improves too.