Health Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

There’s no question that there are enormous health benefits that come with weight lifting for women, and it’s a sad thing that these exercises are taking so long to catch on. Whether it’s looking to ramp up the weight loss efforts to get rid of those last few pounds, building up some much needed strength, or just getting more fit – there’s no denying how much of a positive difference that a weight lifting regimen can have as part of an overall workout.

Weight Lifting Helps Weight Loss

There’s no question at this point that a well designed weight lifting for women workout will definitely help with any weight loss goals. There are several reasons for this. The first is that muscle burns far more calories than fat does, and adding even just a few pounds of muscle can help your body naturally burn more calories and fat in a day with no other change.

Then there’s the fact that a good resistance training workout has also been shown to encourage the body to burn more calories after the fact as the body relies on its stores to help rebuild the muscles.

Weight Lifting Improves Overall Health

This is another great reason why more weight lifting for women programs need to pick up and continue to gain momentum. There’s no question that a body with a certain amount of muscle mass is going to be far healthier than someone who has very little to none.

“Want to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently? Strength training to the rescue! Despite its reputation as a “guy” or “jock” thing, strength training is a key component of overall health and fitness for everyone.” – Mayo Clinic

Not only does the extra strength come in handy day to day, but you will be able to get over injury more easily and have a stronger overall system.

What About Bulking Up?

This is probably the biggest single concern keeping many weight lifting for women programs from getting the numbers and the momentum they’re hoping for. The idea of having a little more muscle or strength is appealing, but many women cringe at the idea of bulking up like some WWE wrestler or body builder.

What these ladies need to understand is that this is virtually impossible without an intense diet designed specifically for bulking up and even then most women will need testosterone injections or steroids to get a full bodybuilder look.

In other words, the far majority of women really need to go above and beyond to have any type of a chance of hitting that ripped look that most are afraid weight lifting will cause. Realistically it just won’t happen.

Important to Work Out Hard

This doesn’t mean using extremely light weights for low sets. A good weight lifting workout needs to be just that: a good overall workout that is challenging and that covers all the major muscle groups of the body. Besides, the more weight being lifted, the bigger the after burn effects.

Adding just two good weight lifting workouts a week can result in several pounds of fat melting off even without any other changes. While many people still go too heavy on the cardio, many people hitting that wall would just need to add in a little bit of weight lifting to break through.