Does Cardio Burn Muscle in Addition to Belly Fat

A very popular idea in the fitness industry right now is that you don’t have to do cardio to get super lean. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have seen a few different fitness gurus who look quite lean say that they got there by simply eating right and lifting weights regularly … no cardio.

To be honest, I do have respect for them because I’ve tried it in the past but I wasn’t able to get too great of results. Yes, I did lose weight and got more lean than I was, but I definitely didn’t get the kind of esults I got following Rusty’s Cardio, not even close.

Ultimately, the real answer to whether or not cardio burns muscle depends upon how you do the cardio and what type of cardio it is.

How NOT to Burn Muscle With Cardio

The general idea of the cardio program is to start off the week with a bang and then ride the fat burning wave out through the end of the week.

In order to burn the most fat without burning muscle along with it, it is smart to do the most intense cardio workouts on Monday & Tuesday. After those are out of the way you should then do fairly easy workouts Wednesday & Thursday, and then depending upon how you feel and your (over) eating plans for the weekend, either another hard workout or another easy one. For most, we like to socialize a bit on the weekends and this tends to lead to higher calorie days. When this is the case, Friday should be another fairly difficult workout.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is really only scratching the surface of what the full program goes into, but you get the idea. With this type of setup, you can expect to preserve as much muscle mass as possible while still losing weight.

How to Burn Muscle With Cardio

Rusty Moore has a different workout specifically designed for women where he actually teaches women how to burn muscle … on purpose … with cardio. Obviously, this is only meant for very muscular women who want to slim down, but the point is that yes, you can burn muscle from cardio.

I realize that not too many are curious about how to actually burn muscle on purpose, but since there are some, I’ll say this. If you do want to burn muscle with cardio then you just need to do “marathon” style cardio. Marathon cardio is where you jump on a treadmill, bike or whatever else, and jog for 45-60 minutes straight. Boring? Yes! Effective at burning muscle? Yes!

There are some other pieces to this puzzle, it’s not as simple as just jogging for 45-60 minutes to actually lose muscle, but that’s the cardio piece.

  • Perform it after you lift.
  • Don’t touch any calories 3-4 hours before your workout.
  • Don’t eat anything for at least 1 hour after your workout.
  • Make sure that the first meal after your workout is low-carb.
  • Drink black coffee or green tea 20-30 minutes before going to the gym.

If you actually do want to learn more about how to lose muscle then you could take a look at Rusty’s workout for women. He goes into more detail on how to create a feminine look.

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