Visual Impact Muscle Building Review & Summary

While reviewing Rusty Moore’s new Visual Impact Cardio program I am also going to be following his weight lifting course for the strength training aspect.

The weight lifting workout is called Visual Impact Muscle Building and I’ve actually had it for a while now.

What is cool about Visual Impact Cardio is that it is designed to be a “plug-in” to any other workout program. You don’t HAVE to follow the Visual Impact weight lifting workouts to use the Visual Impact Cardio workouts.

When it comes to a recommendation though, I do recommend either Visual Impact Muscle Building or Visual Impact for Women … I feel that these will give you the best possible results, but this certainly isn’t required.

What Kind Of Body Will You Build With Visual Impact Muscle Building?

Rusty’s approach in Visual Impact Muscle Building isn’t the typical muscle building course. You won’t get massive and you won’t look like a WWE contender.

Instead, the goal of Visual Impact is to end up with a GQ look, or as Rusty calls it, the “Hollywood Look.” While I’m personally not too concerned with looking “GQ” I do prefer the lean, toned and muscular look over the big and bloated bodybuilder look.

In order to create this look the workout takes you through three different phases.

Visual Impact Muscle BuildingPhase I: In this stage you will be focusing purely on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This is the type of muscle growth that ads the most amount of size as quickly as possible. The main rep range for this phase is on the higher end.

Phase II: In this stage you will be mixing a little bit of Phase I and a little of Phase III. You aren’t going to build a lot of size or a lot of density but you will build both … which is actually a little cooler than it sounds. Rusty calls this his hybrid muscle building phase. In this phase you’ll do mid rep training.

Phase III: This phase is all about muscle density through myofibrillar hypertrophy. After you go through Phase III you should be looking pretty ripped. The more dense your muscles are, the more muscle tone they show. — This is the phase that I am using during my Visual Impact Cardio Review. In this phase you’ll do lower rep training.

There is actually a fourth phase to the workout … the Bonus Phase. This is all about getting ULTRA defined. Although you were defined after Phase III, this is going to make you look MUCH better … it’s a cool little trick that has to do with quickly adding a bit of muscle mass to your already toned and defined body.

What’s Included in Visual Impact Muscle Building?

There are actually a few “bonuses” that you get in addition to the main manual. When you get Visual Impact Muscle Building it includes the following e-books:

  1. Main Manual
  2. Exercise Demonstrations
  3. Printable Workout Charts

Honestly, most people will know how to do the exercises but for those who don’t, the demo book is a nice addition. It’s also cool because there are quite a few alternative exercises that you can use in place of the ones outlined in the main manual.

As for the printable workout charts go, this is huge. They aren’t “special” in themselves but they can make a big difference in your results. One of the best ways to continually progress is to track what you do. If you can look in your chart and see that you ended your bench at 225 lbs last week, you know that you should try for 230 lbs this week.

Summary of the Main Manual

Introduction: The Meat-Head Movement is Strong.
Why training to look and feel better is frowned upon by “real” lifters.

Chapter 1: Concentrating on “The Big 3”?
Building a body based on the dead-lift, squat,and bench press creates imbalances for most.

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Chapter 2 is really the main concept of the muscle building program. Here is where you learn the most efficient ways to build sarcyoplasmic hypertrophy as well as the best ways to build myofibrillar hypertrophy.


Chapter 2: The 2 Main Types of Muscle Growth
Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy Vs Myofibrillar Hypertrophy

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Chapter 3 is probably the most unique aspect to muscle building you’ll read … at least this was a new one for me. This explains how different rest periods help build different muscle.


Chapter 3: “Cumulative Fatigue”
Building fatigue in the muscle from set-to-set to increase muscle mass quickly.

Chapter 4: A High Volume of Sets and Reps
A high volume of sets and reps is ideal when building muscle is the main goal.

Chapter 5: Hybrid Muscle Building
Mixing different muscle building and strength training principles for your ideal results.

Chapter 6: How Much Muscle Can You Gain?
The answer to this question is largely determined by how much muscle you have already gained.

Chapter 7: Eating for Muscle Gains
You want to eat just a little over maintenance while getting enough protein and without becoming obsessed.

Chapter 8: Only Proven Muscle Building Supplement
There is only one muscle building supplement worth taking. Everything else is unnecessary.

Chapter 9: Setting Up Your Workout Routine
Discussing the need to customize routines to make them ideal for you and your goals.

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Chapters 10-12 are the meat of the workouts. As described by the short captions, these are broken up into different types of muscle building.


Chapter 10: Phase I – Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy
Rapid muscle growth by using the principles of high volume and high fatigue.

Chapter 11: Phase II – Increase Muscle and Density
A combination of increasing strength, muscle density and muscle size simultaneously.

Chapter 12: Phase III – Max Density and Definition
Hardening up the muscles to the max while dropping excess body fat.

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Probably the most talked about chapter of the entire book! The shrink wrap effect has definitely got a lot of people talking. This is an awesome technique to add in to finish off the look.


Chapter 13: Bonus Phase – Shrink Wrap Your Muscles
Replicating the method that Taylor Lautner and others have “accidentally” used to look ultra sharp.

Chapter 14: Building Mass on Upper Body Only
Just focusing on building size in the upper body or specializing on a particular body part.

Chapter 15: Final Thoughts

Questions and Answers

My Final Thoughts on Visual Impact Muscle Building

If you have any questions about the programs just let me know if the comment section below. I hope this Visual Impact Muscle Building review helps you to see at least what the workout is all about. This review obviously isn’t as in-depth as my cardio review will be but I figured I should at least include this in here since I’m going to be following this program while I go through Visual Impact Cardio.

I do also strongly recommend VIMB if you’re looking for a weight lifting program (with some diet advice) to follow. I’m a pretty big fan of Rusty’s products because he always delivers top-notch workouts and methods that work. Also, he’s a really just a really cool guy!